2010 Results
As we have come to expect, the morning of Sunday 20 June 2010 dawned clear and bright and stayed that way all day with spectators enjoying the fabulous moorland views at Dunkery Hill Gate, the well known beauty spot near Wheddon Cross.  Entries were pretty amazing, and despite the early start, as most of the classes were full, it made a long morning and hard work for the judges. Standards were high and the classes in the main ring finished an hour later that expected!  Mr Brian Palmer's Castle Maine was awarded the Chanin & Thomas Cup for the Best Horse in Show, ridden by Helen Pile while Lauren Buckingham on  Cosford Chopin  (pictured) won the Jack Strong Memorial Cup for the Best Pony in show.  In the Mountain & Moorland Ring Mrs Sue Crawford swept the board winning the Tawbitts Championship Rosebowl with Meadow Sweet, also taking the Bob Westcott Memorial Cup for the Best Exmoor in Show.  As the sun continued to shine, the cars kept coming in through the gate, until the field was really quite full.  The spectators were delighted by the Minehead Harrier's first parade of the summer, well shown by their new huntsman, Richard Tong. Children were invited into the ring to meet hounds, making a charming sight, before giving one last rousing canter around the ring.  The Fancy Dress had the biggest entry for some time, and former Nursery Teacher from the village school, Maxine Stanley, had a hard job to pick the winner.  With the jumping classes still going on in a nearby ring, the gymkhana games formed the main ring entertainment for the afternoon.  Spectators were enthralled with the exciting finishes from the very competitive classes.  The parents of Cutcombe School were kept really busy selling delicious home-made refreshments beside the main ring; the trade stands looked busy also.  Everyone has a good day when the sun is shining, especially the Styles ice cream man who was doing brisk trade over near the Family Dog and Terrier Shows, beside the Dog Agility demonstrations all of which had full classes too. The committee wishes to thank Mr & Mrs Harold Stevens for once again kindly allowing the show to be held on their land; the judges who gave their time and the local sponsors who play such a big part in making the show prosperous and therefore able to help village amenities like the school, the church, Moorland Hall and various others like the Playgroup. We also wish to thank the many helpers who make running this show more of a pleasure than hard work, and enable us to achieve our aims of helping children to enjoy their pets, however modest their level of success while also benefiting the village.  Thanks also to everyone who supported us, helping to make the day a complete success.
Working Hunter Pony under 13hh 1 Imogen Greenway Stockham Pegasus 2 Martika Gallagher Buttons Working Hunter Pony exc 13hh but not exc 15 hh 1 Amanda Clarke Rock Chapel Princess 2 Kate Carter Faerie Colours   3 Imogen Greenway Stockham General James Working Hunter exc 15 hh Hi-Tec Drains Perpetual Challenge Trophy 1 Helen Pile Castle Maine 2 Jenny Lo-Vel  Vanity Fair 3 Vicki Maddox  Penarwel Small Ridden Hunter under 15.2hh Badcock & Evered Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Josie Watts Devon 2 Danielle Thackray Greenfield Bits & Pieces 3 Sarah Thresher Tiger Lily Ridden Hunter exc 15.2hh The Skipper Perpetual Challenge Trophy 1 Helen Pile Castle Maine 2 Robyn Greenway Fairly Certain 3 Jenny Lo-Vel Vanity Fair Riding Club Horse 1 Kate Carter Faerie Colours   2 Serena Foster Sunset Ballerina 3 Rachel Horne Castle Maine Coloured Horse / Pony - Divided into Ridden & Led Ridden 1 Christina Hunt Whisper   2 Sarah Thresher Tiger Lily 3 Georgina Langley Captain Calico In Hand 1 Annette Berry Erlina 2 Graham Tout Wishall Violet Skies 3 Emily Willis Hector www.exmoor-accommodation.co.uk Perpetual Challenge Cup to Annette Berry (overall Coloured Pony winner) Chanin & Thomas Cup to Best Horse In Show - Helen Pile - Castle Maine Reserve - Annette Berry Erlina Best Turned Out - www.selfdriveyourhorse.com Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Rosy Burge Hollyvale Sarah Lee 2 Mollie Matthews Drumaddie Ken-e 3 Claire Challinor Cardolera Leading Rein - 12.2hh & under - Lloyds Bank Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Lauren Buckingham Cosford Chopin 2 Rosy Burge Hollyvale Sarah Lee 3 Katie Giddings Knives Meadow Fantasy First Ridden - 1 Charlotte Turner Goldie 2 Henry Scott Bindy 3 Bethany Cork Vodka Family Pony 1 Becky Fowler Paddy 2 Edward Barlow Diesel 3 Lorna White Lulu Best Rider under 14 yrs - Ward Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Chantal Thackray Travolta Silver Arrow 2 Edward Barlow Diesel 3 Charlotte Turner Goldie Veteran - McTimony Perpetual Challenge Trophy 1 Becky Fowler Paddy 2 Mr H Crawford Wearside Heather Lad 3 Charlotte Turner Goldie Pony Club Type 1 Imogen Greenway Stockham General James 2 Becky Fowler Paddy 3 Tasha Little Millcroft Firebird Jack Strong Memorial Cup to Best Pony in Show - Lauren Buckingham -  Cosford Chopin Reserve: Amanda Clarke  - Rock Chapel Princess Mountain & Moorland Classes: In Hand Youngstock 1, 2, 3 year old 1 Gemma Bishop Rockin' Rebel 2 Ken Paul Chocolate Truffle 3 Brian Palmer Washing Pool Rowena In Hand 4 yrs & over 1 Mrs S Crawford Meadow Sweet 2 Reanne Cash Watersgay Primrose 3 Sarah Jones Vellanoweth Merlin Ridden 1 Charley Venner Rhencullun Senator 2 Reanne Cash Watersgay Primrose 3 Tasha Little Millcroft Firebird Leading Rein 1 Lauren Buckingham Cosford Chopin 2 Jack Everard Fanciulla 3 Daisy Harwood Nala Exmoor 1,2 & 3yr olds 1 Julian Westcott Cider Apple 2 Joanna Webber Dunkery Whinchat 3 Alison Govier Hillway Bugle Exmoor In Hand 4 yrs old & over 1 Mrs S Crawford Meadow Sweet 2 Reanne Cash Watersgay Primrose 3 Toby Hickman Knightoncombe Moorhen Part-bred/unregistered - Divided into Ridden & In Hand Ridden 1 Amanda Clark Cosford Chamelion 2 Charlotte Colmer Boy 3 William Jefferson Sophie In Hand 1 J Ablett's Pheasant 2 Sally Taylor Just Annie 3 Jack Jenning Keldaney Image of Peace Tawbitts Perpetual Challenge Rosebowl to Best M&M in Show:  Mrs S Crawford -  Meadow Sweet Reserve: Julian Westcott -  Cider Apple T R Westcott Memorial Perpetual Challenge Trophy, Exmoor Champion -  Mrs S Crawford -  Meadow Sweet Reserve - Julian Westcott -  Cider Apple Fancy Dress: 1 Molly Matthews Wizard of Oz 2 D & N Harwood 3 Little Piggies 3 Kaylun Davis Alice in Wonderland Nursery Stakes - riders 9 yrs & under.  Quarme Combe Perpetual Challenge Cup to winner: 1 Thomas Brown Scallywag 2 Charlotte Hollinshead King 3 Amelia Mowatt Basil Novice Jumping - 2' - Phillips, Sanders & Stubbs Perpetual Challenge Cup to winner 1 Nicola Loosemore Honey Bear 2 Joshua Brown Scallywag 3 Jenny Lo-Vel Foxy Face 12.2hh - Mart Road Garage Perpetual Challenge Cup to winner 1 Hayley Northcott Dancer 2 Nicola Loosemore Honey Bear 3 Olivia Weatherlake Popcorn 13.2hh - 2' 6" - F Webber & Sons Perpetual Challenge Cup to winner: 1 Hayley Northcot Dancer 2 Edward Barlow Diesel 3 Georgina Weatherlake  Breeze Open Scurry Jumping - 2' 3" 1 Chester Williams Clover Jess 2 Joshua Brown Scallywag 3 Shelby Lunt True Blue Moon Novice 2' 6" - Devon & Somerset Engineering Perpetual Challenge Cup to winner: 1 Edward Barlow Diesel 2 Olivia Weatherlake Popcorn 3 Elsie Berry Royal Rainbow Open 2' 9" - Cynthia Stevens Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup to winner: 1 Chester Williams Clover Jess 2 Jess Branton Lucky at Last 3 Sophie Winzer Jester Open Scurry - Farriers Perpetual Challenge Cup top winner: 1 Chantal Thackray Greenfield Bits & Pieces 2 Sophie Winzer Jester 3 Elsie Berry Royal Rainbow Dunkery Perpetual  Challenge Shield for Clear Round winner:  Rebecca Lock Gymkhana Cup winners: Group A  -  7 yrs & under Cutcombe Perpetual Challenge Cup won by Charlotte Turner Group B - 10 yrs & under Kath Rawle Perpetual Challenge Cup won by Imogen Greenway Group C - 14 yrs & under Cutcombe Perpetual Challenge Cup won by Vicki Maddox Group D - Open Claire  Perpetual Challenge Shield won by Rachel Northcott Family Dog Show results Best Puppy 1  Sarah Criddle,  Dora; 2  Sue Crawford, Hannah; 3 Chelsea Attwell, Disney Best Condition  1Stephen Sizer, Josh; 2 Charles Hayes, Trigg; 3 Beryl Dibble, Poppy Best Rescue   1 Judy Jones, Tango; Loveday Williams, Penny; Desmond HS, Scampi Junior Handler  1 Hannah Hill, Ben; Emily Burge, Gem; Charles Hayes, Trigg Countryman's Companion  1 Judy Jones, Solo; 2 Emma Clarke;  3 Leanna Coles, Briar Veteran  1 Rosie Cockerton, Farthing ;  2 Jo Shelton, Oliver;  3 Judy Jones, Ferdy Best Collie  1 Carol Cottle, Derry;  2 Helen Giddings, Dave; 3 Elaine Wood, Archie Dog the Judge would like to take home  1 Ellie Malin, Ferdy; Sue Wilde, Jag; Belinda Powell, Dora Whistle Stop  1 Carol Cottle, Derry Best in Show - Sarah Criddle, Dora;  Reserve - Hannah Hill, Ben Terrier Show winners: Puppy  Ian Pincombe, Diesel Best Local Hunt Terrier John Stone, Buster Smooth Coated Dog Ian Pincombe, Ralph Rough Coated Dog Ian Pincombe, Bert Border Dog Jenny Snewing, Zed Lakeland/Fell Dog Nicki Gregory, Teal Smooth Coated Bitch Tim Greenway,  Hetty Rough Coated Bitch Sarah Cook, Cracker Border Bitch Janet Dyer, Rosie Lakeland/Fell Bitch  Rosie Cockerton,  Amy Terrier Dog or Bitch under 12"  Tim Greenway,  Hetty Brace  Ian Pincombe,  Bert & Diesel Progeny group  Sarah Cook, Cracker & Buzz Veteran   Rosie Cockerton, Farthing Champion Ian Pincombe, Bert Reserve John Stone, Buster
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Sunday 16th June 2019
A huge disappointment to announce that CUTCOMBE SHOW 2019 HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to  the weather and ground conditions.  This is completely out of our control and we are sorry that we’re unable to go ahead this year.  Many thanks for your understanding, from all of the Cutcombe Show Team