Cutcombe Horse Show & Gymkhana Report - Sunday 19 June 2011
This was the Silver Jubilee celebration of Cutcombe Show, but as the day drew near we were worried we had become too complacent, expecting the good weather we have been lucky enough to enjoy in the past!  However, despite some soakings for the intrepid helpers hauling the equipment, erecting the rings, tents and jumps beforehand, the day dawned bright and sunny. That did not last, but it stayed (almost) dry for the morning, then in the afternoon it cheered right up to the warm and clear day we had hoped for.  A fitting anniversary to present 5 new cups that had been donated; our thanks to the business and families who generously provided these. Entries were good, and despite the early start, all classes were well filled and standards were high making it a long morning for the judges. Lizzie Little rode Cheeky to win the Chanin & Thomas Cup for the Best Horse in Show, while Phoebe Swan on Lulubelle won the Jack Strong Memorial Cup for the Best Pony in Show.  In the Mountain & Moorland Ring Marian Williams was awarded the Tawbitts Championship Rosebowl with Cheriton Ridge Chardonnay, also taking the Bob Westcott Memorial Cup for the Best Exmoor in Show. The Joyce Trow Cup, was presented this year for the Best Non-Exmoor and was won by Ellie Malin on Blackertor Island Viking  - Ellie had a brilliant day, also winning the cup, as well as a jumping class on her other pony. As the weather continued to improve, cars started filling up around the main ring and from there spectators were able to enjoy the Fancy Dress with a well filled and colourful entry - to whom we offer our apologies for the late running of this class.  Special thanks to Mrs Millie Edwards and Mrs Phyllis Stevens for standing in to judge this difficult competition; the entries were all brilliant with the winners comprising a group of 7 from the Brimclose Stud as smiling Pirates of the Caribbean. Our thanks also to Bella Capel Photography for busily taking photo's around the showground, some of which you will be able to see on our site. Next in the main ring came the Minehead Harrier's first parade of the summer, shown by their huntsman, Richard Tong; then children were invited into the ring to meet these very friendly hounds, before we were treated to one last horn blowing canter around the ring.  With the jumping classes still going on nearby, the gymkhana games formed the main ring entertainment for the afternoon. Spectators were thrilled with the exciting finishes from the very competitive classes - our thanks to Darren Edwards for providing an excellent commentary - you will be pleased to hear that no fall resulted in any serious injury.  Thanks to the marvellous parents of Cutcombe School who provided and sold delicious home-made refreshments beside the main ring; the trade stands looked busy while the Family Dog and Terrier Shows, alongside the Dog Agility demonstration appeared to have good entries too and we offer thanks to these judges, particularly Julie Dare for stepping in at the last moment to judge the terriers. The committee wishes to thank Mr & Mrs Harold Stevens not only for so kindly allowing the show to be held on their land but for all the work they both also put in for this day; the other judges who gave their time and the local sponsors who play such a big part in making the show profitable and therefore able to help village amenities like the school, the church, Moorland Hall and various others like the Playgroup as well as an annual donation to the air ambulance - which thankfully we did not need!. We also wish to thank the many helpers who make running this show possible, and enable us to achieve our aims of helping children to enjoy their ponies. Special thanks to Marcus Capel for providing a really brilliant commentary for the main ring - as well as managing to ride in, and win, a jumping competition.  Finally, thanks to everyone who came along and supported us, helping to make the day a complete success.
Results 2011
Working Hunter Pony under 13hh 1 Phoebe Swan- Lulubelle 2 Molly Rucklidge – Neptune 3 Tanisha Little   Longbourne Perfect Andante Working Hunter Pony exc 13hh but not exc 15 hh 1 Rachel Northcott - Stella 2 Hayley Williams -  Sandlings Corner 3 Kate Shapland - Fencers Etiquette Working Hunter exc 15 hh Hi-Tec Drains Perpetual Challenge Trophy 1 Lizzie Little - Cheeky 2 Jenny Lo-Vel -  Bingo Lille 3 Kate Carter -  Locklee Small Ridden Hunter under 15.2hh Badcock & Evered Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Sally Taylor - Alfie 2 Debbie Squires -  Banoffee 3 Amy Delbridge -  Lynwood Cameo Ridden Hunter exc 15.2hh The Skipper Perpetual Challenge Trophy 1 Lizzie Little - Cheeky 2 Kate Carter -  Locklee 3 Jenny Lo-Vel -  Bingo Lille Riding Club Horse – Shearwell Data Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Ruth Ferguson -  Lettie  2 Sharon Hunt  -  Sunshine 3 Helen Parker – Foxy Lady Coloured Horse / Pony – Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Ellie Malin -  Blackertor Island  Viking 2 Emily Smith  -  Chasing Colours 3 Phoebe Swan- Lulubelle Perpetual Challenge Cup to (overall Coloured Pony winner) Chanin & Thomas Perpetual Challenge Cup to Best Horse In Show Lizzie Little - Cheeky Reserve - Sally Taylor - Alfie Best Turned Out – Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Amanda Clarke - Rock Chapel Princess 2 Emily Burge -  Hollyvale Sara Lee 3 Hayley Williams -  Sandlings Corner Leading Rein – 12.2hh & under – Lloyds Bank Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Sophie Buckingham  -  Piccolo 2 Rosy Burge -  Hollyvale Sara Lee 3 Jack Jennings  -  Lemon First Ridden – Clarence & Christine Stevens Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Lottie Gaukroger - Jasper 2 Lily Westcott -  Poppy 3 Charlotte Turner -  Goldie Family Pony – Henry & Peggy Stevens Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Helen Parker - Foxy Lady 2 Tom Rucklidge - Paddy 3 Claire Bryant - Tzar Best Rider under 14 yrs - Ward Perpetual Challenge Cup 1 Georgie Allison - Saving Grace 2 Charlotte Turner -  Goldie 3 Amanda Clarke - Rock Chapel Princess Veteran – McTimony Perpetual Challenge Trophy 1 Gill Grimwood  -  Benson 2 Robyn Manning - Buzz 3 Eve Webber - Linsmore Jazzman   Pony Club Type –  De Souza Cup 1 Lottie Gaukroger - Jasper 2 Robyn Manning - Buzz 3 Molly Rucklidge – Neptune Jack Strong Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup to Best Pony in Show - Phoebe Swan - Lulubelle Reserve: Lottie Gaukroger - Jasper Mountain & Moorland Classes: In Hand Youngstock 1, 2, 3 year old 1 Philip Matthews – Bryn Cinnamon 2 Ken Powls -  Chocolate Truffle 3 Sue Scott – Little Sowel In Hand 4 yrs & over 1 Samantha Harris – Knightoncombe Blue Jay 2 Jenny Toze - Brandy Snap 3 Penny Vellacott – Roseview Mystique Ridden – divided:- Exmoor 1 Damian Trevitt  - Knightoncombe Goldfinch 2 Samantha Harris - Knightoncombe Blue Jay 3 Charlotte Colmer - Tawbitts Mystic Little Madam Non-Exmoor 1 Ellie Malin  - Blackertor Island  Viking 2 Lauren Trevitt – Stepley Oblimon 3 Kate Shapland - Fencers Etiquette Leading Rein 1 Megan Snowden  -  Trufursdon Ring of Bells 2 Lauren Buckingham -  Whortleberry Merlin 3 Bradley Willis – Perry Exmoor 1, 2 & 3yr olds 1 Ken Powls -  Chocolate Truffle 2 Sue Scott - :Little Sorrell 3 Sue Crawford -  Cowbridge Runnel Exmoor In Hand 4 yrs old & over 1 Marian Williams – Cheriton Ridge Chardonnay 2 Damian Trevitt  - Knightoncombe Goldfinch 3 Samantha Harris – Knightoncombe Blue Jay Part-bred/unregistered - Divided into Ridden & In Hand 1 Chantal Thackray – Hello Mr Chips 2 Jess Attewell – Hollyvale Sara Lee 3 Hayley Williams – Sandlings Cartier Tawbitts Perpetual Challenge Rosebowl to Best M&M in Show: Marian Williams - Cheriton Ridge Chardonnay Reserve: Lauren Trevitt - Stepley Oblivion T R Westcott Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup, Exmoor Champion: Marian Williams -  Cheriton Ridge Chardonnay Reserve – Ken Powls  -  Chocolate Truffle Joyce Trow Perpetual Challenge Cup, Best Non-Exmoor: Ellie Malin -  Blackertor Island  Viking Fancy Dress: 1 Kayleigh Chedzoy + 5 - Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Arabella Brown  -  Indian 3 Sophia White  -  Good Knight Horse Nursery Stakes – riders 9 yrs & under.  Quarme Combe Cup to winner: 1 Bella Delton Morgan - Rosie 2 Charlotte Turnerd - Goldie 3 Lauren Buckingham - Whortelberry Merlin Novice Jumping – 2’ - Phillips, Sanders & Stubbs Perpetual Challenge Cup to winner 1 Ellie Malin – Bryngam Queen Bee 2 Sally Taylor  -  Alfie 3 Imogen Greenway - Jack 12.2hh – Mart Road Garage Perpetual Challenge Cup to winner 1 Lottie Gaukroger - Jasper 2 Molly Rucklidge - Naptune 3 Hayley Northcott  -  Dancer 13.2hh – 2’ 6” – F Webber & Sons Perpetual Challenge Cup to winner: 1 Georgie Allison -  Saving Grace 2 Anna Bray - Tango 3 Ellie Malin – Bryngam Queen Bee Open Scurry Jumping – 2’ 3” 1 Daisy Waldock  -  My Friend Ben 2 Amanda Clark  -  Rockchapel Princess 3 Rory Capel  -  Peppy Novice 2’ 6” – Devon & Somerset Engineering Perpetual Challenge Cup to winner: 1 Marcus Capel  - Vixen 2 Nicola Moon  - Perry 3 Daisy Waldock -  Patch Open 2’ 9” – Cynthia Stevens Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup to winner: 1 Shelby Lunt – New Blue Moon 2 Nicola Moon  - Perry 3 Anna Weatherlake - Bridget Open Scurry – Farriers Perpetual Challenge Cup top winner: 1 Anna Weatherlake - Bridget 2 Alex Willes  -  Lurgies Dream 3 Sally Taylor  -  Alfie Dunkery Perpetual Challenge Shield for Clear Round winner: Jessica Corkrey Gymkhana Cup winners: Group A  -  7 yrs & under - Cutcombe Perpetual Challenge Cup won by Molly Matthews Group B - 10 yrs & under - Kath Rawle Perpetual Challenge Cup won by Lottie Gaukroger Group C - 14 yrs & under - Cutcombe Perpetual Challenge Cup won by Chester Williams Group D - Open - Claire Perpetual Challenge Shield won by Rory Capel
Family Dog Show  Lots for  Dogs
Best Puppy 1  Mrs Trouton,Wisp; 2  Betty Hills, Tina; 3 Janet Ellis, Treacle Best Condition 1 Jo Kelly, Charlie; 2 Janet Ellis, Freddie 3 Berry Hills, Tess Best Rescue 1 Adam Dowdle, Boris Annie Reid, Albert Anne Western, Bobby Junior Handler 1 Hannah Hill, Ben Lauren Trevitt, Penny Tara Cadman, Julie Countryman’s Companion 1 Mrs Trouton, Jungly 2 Mrs Crawford, Hannah 3 Mrs Dibble, Poppy
Veteran 1 Pam Langdon, Major 2 Mr Umfreville, Dotty 3 Betty Hills, Tess Best Collie 1 Hannah Hill, Ben 2 Mrs Crawford, Flo Dog the Judge would like to take home  1 Mrs Dibble, Poppy Gill Langdon, Opal Betty Hills, Tina Best in Show Mrs Trouton, Wisp Reserve - Jo Kelly, Charlie
Puppy: Sam Westmacott, Lucy Best Local Terrier: Janet Dyer, Rosie   Smooth Coated Dog: Glenys Horrison Poole, Nigel Rough Coated Dog/Bitch: Sam Cook, Buzz Border Dog/Bitch: Janet Dyer, Rosie Lakeland/Fell Dog/Bitch: Damian Trevitt, Molly Smooth Coated Bitch: Chloe Fear, Minc
Rough Coated Bitch: Damian Trevitt, Molly Any Variety Terrier: Damian Trevitt, Molly Terrier Dog/Bitch under 12”: Damian Trevitt, Molly Brace: Sarah & Sam Cook, Cracker & Sam Veteran: Pam Langdon, Major Champion Damian Trevitt, Molly Reserve Janet Dyer, Rosie
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Terrier Show winners:
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